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16th March, 2024
Pillai Business School
Debate Dynamics
Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit and Prof. Shubhendu Bhattacharya

The Debate Dynamics competition, organized by Pillai Business School, proved to be an intellectually stimulating event where participants showcased their oratory skills, critical thinking abilities, and persuasive arguments. Held under the guidance of esteemed coordinators Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit and Prof. Shubhendu Bhattacharya, the competition aimed to foster a culture of healthy debate and dialogue among students.

Event Overview:
The competition commenced with an enthusiastic opening ceremony, where the coordinators welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of effective communication and debate in the contemporary business landscape. The event witnessed active participation from students across various disciplines, reflecting the diverse perspectives and opinions present within the academic community.

Debate Format:
The competition followed a structured format, with teams engaging in rounds of debates on topics ranging from economic policies to social issues. Each debate comprised of teams presenting arguments, rebuttals, and counter-arguments, thereby encouraging dynamic interaction and intellectual discourse. The format ensured a fair and balanced platform for participants to express their viewpoints and engage in constructive dialogue.

Winners of the Debate Competition:
1st Prize – Mayuresh, Vrajesh and Aakansha
2nd Prize – Kshitij, Gandhar and Aryan
3rd Prize – Mansi and Moksha

Key Highlights:

  1. Diverse Topics: The competition covered a wide array of topics, including but not limited to environmental sustainability, technological innovation, corporate ethics, and global trade policies. This diversity allowed participants to explore multifaceted issues and develop a comprehensive understanding of contemporary challenges.
  2. Academic Rigor: Participants demonstrated a high level of academic rigor and research skills, as evidenced by their well-reasoned arguments supported by empirical evidence and scholarly references. The competition served as a testament to the academic excellence fostered at Pillai Business School.
  3. Critical Thinking: The debates encouraged participants to think critically and analytically, as they navigated complex issues and formulated cogent arguments. The competition provided a platform for students to enhance their critical thinking abilities and hone their persuasive communication skills.
  4. Engagement and Collaboration: The event fostered a spirit of engagement and collaboration, with participants actively exchanging ideas, challenging assumptions, and respecting opposing viewpoints. The atmosphere was marked by mutual respect and intellectual curiosity, reflecting the values of academic integrity and open-mindedness.

In conclusion, the Debate Dynamics competition organized by Pillai Business School was a resounding success, encapsulating the spirit of academic excellence, intellectual inquiry, and collaborative learning. The event provided participants with a platform to engage in meaningful dialogue, expand their knowledge horizons, and develop essential skills for professional and personal growth. Under the guidance of Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit and Prof. Shubhendu Bhattacharya, the competition exemplified Pillai Business School’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of making positive contributions to society.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit and Prof. Shubhendu Bhattacharya for their exemplary leadership and guidance in organizing the Debate Dynamics competition. We also thank all the participants, judges, and volunteers for their enthusiastic participation and valuable contributions to making the event a grand success. We are thankful to Director sir, Registrar sir, Dr. Ashish Tripathi sir and Dr. Betty maam.