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Workshop Highlights of ‘Corporate Culture’ for PGDM A& B Groups of PiMSR

  • The Workshop Started by Theme Narrated by Dr. Ashish Tripathi, Associate Professor, at PiMSR.
  • Dr. Chandran, Executive Director, PiMSR Objective of Workshop & Shared Excellent Experiences with Students
  • The Corporate Culture Workshop was well Structured & Organized by Mr. Subramaniam Iyer Sir. Subramaniam Sir anchored Program effectively gathering student’s engagement
  • This was followed by Engaging Sessions by Industry Experts –
  • Mr. Sudhir Mishra, Assistant Vice President – HR, Unit HR Head, Hindalco Industries Limited Mr. Kishore Karve, Q Man Services, Technical Consultant & Mr. Jayant Lapsiya, Partner U.M. Khona & Company
  • Speaker Sessions were Well Summarized by PGDM Students (Ms. Priyadharshini, Mr. Ankit and Mr. Shiv).
  • Entire Session was well summarized by Ms. Rekha Agashe, CEO, HiGrowth Strategic Alliance

Important Session Highlights:
All esteemed speakers including PiMSR management team delivered highly engaging session with their special knowledge & clarity on the subject of corporate culture

  • Dr. Ashish Tripathi made an excellent start by sharing. Jobvite Survey Findings on Strong Corporate Culture
  • He emphasized Importance of Strong Corporate Culture & how it can develop Mind & Thinking & how it Impacts 4X Growth of Organization.
  • Respect, Trust & Integrity & Teamwork are strong attributes for a great company culture
  • Prof. Iyer spoke to students to develop their personality & attitude in such a way, that employers chases you for great opportunities in their organization
  • Chandran Sir, Spoke of his Experience of working with great conglomerates of India the Tata’s & Birla’s. He spoke about the sense of belonging these great Organizations create in their employees. Chandran Sir Shared the experience of how Tata Managed supported their employee & worked towards their well-being, after Taj Terrorist Attack
  • Great Organizations Build Culture of Value Creation which has a positive effect on the shareholders, employees, and the community in which the firm operates
  • Mr. Sudhir Mishra explained how Corporate Culture is Market Driven as purpose of organization is to make money. He explained Linkage of Companies Vision Mission & Values with Corporate Culture. He spoke of importance of Succession Planning in developing Skills of Employees as future leaders
  • With Good Corporate Culture at Hindalco, they are empowering women employees with good career opportunities. Caring Attitude at Hindalco has resulted in low attrition & improved productivity of employees
  • Kishore Sir, Spoke of 5Ms- Man, Machine Material, Money & Mother Nature
  • Amongst 5M’s, Manpower is critical resource for Organization
  • He emphasized the fact good environment, work life balance, Respect, Trust & Communication are driving factors for Employees Performance
  • Kishore Sir shared good experiences of Good Corporate Culture & shared some exercises with students that gave them clarity on what makes a good corporate culture
  • Jayant Sir — Shared some realities of Corporate Life & how they need to build themselves emotionally strong & develop Never Say Die Attitude
  • Jayant Sir shared basics of being good corporate employees by being presentable, having a positive attitude, conviction to face resistance
  • He spoke on being a good citizen & not evade paying taxes.
  • He also spoke on how practice makes Man perfect
  • He spoke to students on importance to Master self, be a leader & reshape corporate culture

Ms. Rekha Agashe, summarized the entire session very well & extended hearty vote of thanks to wonderful speakers, PiMSR Management, Iyer Sir who spared time from their busiest schedule to grace the occasion.

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
– Simon Sinek, author, Start with Why
Thank You